It all started when...

In June 2017, I realised that what really made me happy was helping local small businesses. So I decided to set up shop to share my knowledge and experience, helping other people feel more in control of their own content. Not bad, huh?

I, Bec Di-Filippo, have always been a nerd, word-lover, and kind of a know-it-all. Aside from fancy sounding degrees, I have several years' experience working with online content and the way it needs to quickly evolve to suit its audience. 

What better way to put these skills to good use than by starting a small business that helps other small businesses?!

Piccolo Text & Social is based in Mogo, NSW

"Piccolo" means 'little' in Italian.
The business name represents the idea that when it comes to writing, 'less is more.' 

My goal is to support small businesses by:

  • providing quality work
  • helping  you build writing skills and social media knowledge so you can feel in control of your own content.